Electronics, clothes, or women backpacks from Malaysia- Why is shopping important?

We think of shopping in terms of what we need to buy. But the reason we spend large amounts of money goes beyond just possessing things. Shopping, like almost all of the things we do, is the chase of pleasure. It is a crucial part of our daily search for joy and happiness. That’s there is a growing demand for online shops too. You will find people order food, buy backpacks for women in Malaysia, book themselves a spa treatment at home, shop clothes, electronics, and so on.

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What is Happiness?

According to Psychologist Daniel Kahneman, there is a problem with the most famed word “happiness”. He thinks that the word really has two major meanings relative to our well-being. Each describes quite a different source of happiness.

One is of brief pleasure — for example, the happiness a person might feel every time they wear designer jewelry or drive a new branded car. The other is life fulfillment. If someone has had the goal for a long time to always be on the cutting edge, owning the costliest iPhone 6 or Google Glass will fetch satisfaction-driven happiness.

Happiness does not come particularly from the objects we purchase. It is a sentiment associated with our enthusiasm and motivation for making those purchases.

Online shopping- Consumerism and emotions

For every human being, one or numerous motivations will likely have superior importance than others. Positive emotions result from the degree to which the purchase satisfies these primary motives and fulfills your expectations.

In spite of huge evidence that consumer behavior is driven toward optimistic emotions evoked by pleasing the motivation aspect of a person, marketers carry on to focus on advertising and endorsement on their products’ features and qualities. They would be more triumphantly rising if they shifted their viewpoint and looked at the products through the mind, and subtle emotions, of the consumer. Whether one buys mini backpacks for women in Malaysia or stunning sapphire jewelry from America, affect on the mass audience is crucial.

How to know the mind? True it is confusing to know the audience’s mind. It is a huge population demand we are speaking about, but there can a start from constructing relevant surveys in a better and honest way today. It may seem difficult as people don’t really want to spend time on surveys but one has to start from somewhere. Whether they buy something as small as a simple ring or a large leather backpacks for women in Malaysia.

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