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Shopping from the internet is the thing of an hour. It is a basic need for all of us today. The amount of commuting has also seen a surge in the past couple of decades. They have had a huge rise in travellers all over the world. Swinging leather backpacks for women in Malaysia, India, America or wherever you are, isn’t a bad option. You have your materials in it and you are good to go. 

Unlike purses, sling bags, and fanny packs, backpacks have proven to be a great deal of comfort and pragmatic in terms of usage and space. 

Strength counts

When you travel on a bus, train, or any kind of public transport, there are high chances that the purse will wear off within a few days. Believe it or not, the hustle in public transports and worry to catch the transport on time takes a toll on the flimsy bags. Sometimes it gets caught on the handle and tears away, sometimes it gets entangles with another bag, and sometimes the fabric just gets torn because of the overburden. 

There are backpacks for women in Malaysia that are quite suitable for getting your way in public areas. The sturdiness lasts for many years. 

The strap of a purse has high chances of getting cut quicker than a thickly padded shoulder strap of your backpack. You must keep in mind to distribute the weight appropriately. Anything overdone has its consequences. It is the same with using excessive makeup, doing extreme exercises than the body permits, etc. Overburdening a backpack for long hours too may get damaged quickly. So use it in moderation and wisely. 


Women need something that can act as a useful bag and also help keep themselves and their materials safe. Keeping a woman safe through a bag you ask? Yes, it is possible. If worn correctly on the front side, the backpack acts as a shield against men trying to frisk your body. You could use it as a weapon to defend yourself. There are also lesser chances of backpacks getting snatched by a thief in comparison to purses, sling bags, etc. This also allows for lesser stress of guarding the backpack rather than a large purse on your shoulder.  Online stores like Beg Murah sell women backpacks in Malaysia. The variation is appreciative so everyone can have their kind of bag.

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